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Treatment Philosophy

Many Paths- One Journey

Acadia NW believes in many paths – one journey. We continue to provide an environment that successfully treats the individual person. Our goal is to provide you with the opportunity to “get the answers you need and get on with your life.”

This philosophy is deeply rooted in state-of-the-art techniques and an integrated, accepting approach to personal growth. We know the value of a safe place. We accept people from every walk-of-life, community and background. Every Acadia NW program, activity, and resource is geared toward fulfilling each client’s unique needs and perspectives.

Our goal is that your treatment experience is effective and meaningful. All aspects of your time at Acadia is geared toward your success. Everyone at Acadia NW is passionate about providing optimum care to each and every client and their support network.

From our front desk staff and billing department, to the counselors and doctors that guide your treatment, all are committed to the client’s positive experience.

Our services may include additional resources for some individuals. We introduce people to community resources like public assistance, insurance and transit; support groups; food banks; mental health services and other wrap-around services in order to make transitions and treatment more effective and efficient.

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