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Nov 2nd 12:00am
Addiction is a harmful, ongoing disorder that only gets worse over time without treatment. A range of interventions and rehabilitation programs is available, but treating addiction often requires active participation from the person with the condition. Read on to learn more.
Nov 2nd 12:00am
Addiction is a complex and chronic mental health disorder that has a range of interlocking causes, including brain chemistry, environmental influences, and underlying psychological difficulties. Read on to learn more about the causes of addiction.
Nov 2nd 12:00am
Addiction is complicated, and the main psychological treatment body has a range of specific criteria for recognizing and treatment it. The first step towards receiving a diagnosis is recognizing a problem with substance use. Read on to learn more about how to receive a diagnosis of addiction.
Oct 26th 12:00am
The onset of addiction might at first be slow and unsuspecting. But addiction has clear physical, psychological, and social effects that can indicate to a person that their substance use or behaviors have started to impact their lives and those around them negatively.
Oct 26th 12:00am
Addiction is a chronic condition in which a person is unable to stop taking a substance or engaging in an activity despite negative effects on their life. Addiction has many complications that work together to impact a person with the disease and the people around them. Read on to learn more.
Oct 26th 12:00am
Addiction is a disease in which a person finds themselves unable to stop using a substance or engaging in a behavior. It can damage physical and psychological health, relationships, and professional obligations. Read on to learn more about addiction and its symptoms and treatments.
Oct 26th 12:00am
The main risk factor of addiction is taking a mood-altering substance or engaging in an addictive behavior for the first time. However, other, more complex risk factors can lead to addiction or make it worse. Read on to learn more.
Oct 24th 3:00am
Cannabis withdrawal syndrome is real and can have 'highly disabling' effects — especially psychologically — warn the authors of a new study.
Oct 24th 12:00am
A new brain study may explain why some people are more prone to binge drinking than others and reveals a new drug target that may relieve addiction.
Oct 18th 9:00am
Doctors, sports officials, or employers may request a urine drug screen to check if a person has recently used illegal or prescription drugs. Urine tests can detect many substances, including alcohol, cocaine, and marijuana. The detection times differ, depending on the drug. Learn more here.
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