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May 9th 8:00am
A large new study shows that global alcohol intake increased sharply between 1990 and 2017. This pattern is set to continue up to 2030, the authors warn.
Apr 26th 7:00am
New research examines the link between body mass index and cannabis use. The findings may seem counterintuitive, given that marijuana increases appetite.
Apr 23rd 11:00am
Hair follicle drug tests involving taking a small hair sample to determine whether a person has been using illicit drugs or misusing prescription medications within the past 3 months. Learn more about how these tests work here.
Apr 14th 12:00am
New research suggests that a drug that scientists initially developed to treat major depressive disorder may be an effective therapy for opioid addiction.
Apr 7th 12:00am
Scientists have compared the brains of people with alcohol use disorder with those of people without the disorder. They also studied rodents.
Apr 5th 12:00am
A large cohort study in a Chinese population contradicts previous findings suggesting that moderate alcohol intake can protect against stroke.
Mar 31st 3:00am
A recent investigation into health conditions that develop in people recovering from addiction reveals that more than one-third have a chronic disease.
Mar 20th 7:00am
Researchers have found strong associations between the frequent use of highly potent cannabis and reports of first-time psychotic episodes.
Mar 3rd 12:00am
A recent study charts the effect of recreational marijuana laws on the purchase of junk food. Their findings provide new evidence for the 'munchies.'
Feb 28th 8:00am
New research finds that environmental cues related to drugs can strengthen memories and implicitly make addictive habits harder to kick.
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